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>> thank you for joining us today. it is pepco's pricey plan to
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keep the lights on, but will it work? a new report is bringing up some major doubts. brae and carter is at pepco headquarters with the details. >> over the past year there has been a lot of criticism from customers that when the storms roll in, the power goes out. pepco has put a new plan in place. the report says that it may not be enough. >> this pepco customer says the power in her home is not consistent and is frustrating. >> especially because my mom is disabled. if i have the lights on, the things that she needs to get around, it is hard. >> last year, pepco put a multimillion-dollar plan in place to trim trees, of great power lines, and replace underground lines. but according to a new report, it may not be making service any better. while restoration efforts worked
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reasonably good, pepco needed to be more proactive rather than reactive. reports also show that trees are the primary cause of most potentially preventable outages. in addition, the report says -- >> it is a work in progress. as you said, it is a stepping stone, a journey. we realize we have a long way to go. we do not have all the answers but we continue to reach out. >> pepco officials emphasized in the last storms efficiency enhancements helped customers get back on line sooner. >> i have never had any problems. even when i come in to pay my bill, everything is fine. >> how come they have power and we do not? >> the plan is more than $250 million over the next five
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years. the maryland public service commission will hold a meeting about this on the 15th. >> thank you. new at noon, several workers are in the hospital after a truck batteries exploded. this was in northeast washington. a 24-volt batteries exploded inside a warehouse on york avenue this morning. fire officials say the explosion released chemicals in the building, which is occupied by the department of public works. officials say that the and four injuries are not serious. police bust a case of corruption in their own ranks. a police officer is under arrest. pamela brown tells us the officer is accused of helping in a crime that was all a hoax. >> 28-year-old jennifer greene was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, in a sting operation set up by her
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fellow officers. >> it is outrageous. police officers are supposed to protect citizens. >> according to authorities, green was already the target of an undercover affairs probe. the charging document said that she met with a confidential informant about being involved in a blurry. the informant said he knew about a home with drugs and money stashed in it. she said she could not do anything with the drugs, but could use the money. according to the charging documents, green brought her police radio with her during the robbery. the pair parked at this safeway next to quincy st. nw. the informant went into a nearby apartment with a crowbar and came back with items planted by the police department. >> they are setting people up for failure. if they are doing something
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wrong, they are going to do it naturally. >> police were waiting for grain at her house. >> does not seem like a lot of money. she would have been better off with her pension. >> police are calling it an isolated incident. >> green had been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal charges. in response, the captain said we must be as productive as preventing corruption as we are about preventing crime. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, maryland's house could begin debate tomorrow on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. proponents held a vigil last night. the measure has already passed the senate. gov. martin o'malley says he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. a maryland teenager faces charges, accused of setting a
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fire inside his school. investigators say the 15-year- old set the fire in a second- floor bathroom at bowie high school yesterday. the teenager has been charged with first-degree arson and had been released to his parents. the fire caused $500 in damage. we have new video this afternoon of a fire damaging a rockville home. black smoke and flames poured out from the crush of this home. firefighters quickly knocked down the fire, keeping the damage contained to the garage. investigators have not said what sparked the flame to begin with. it is warmer and sunny today but we are bracing for another soaking storm. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. it sounds like it will be starting tomorrow night? >> tomorrow night for the metro area. perhaps an hour or two or earlier for those of you west of
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the blue ridge. take a look at the sky cam that our camera. high, thin clouds moving overhead. some sunshine. that will be the case for the rest of the day. 48 degree in downtown. elsewhere, we are checking in in the 40's. low 50's across the board for high temperatures. there is that flood watch in effect for tomorrow night through thursday. we will talk about expected rain to fall -- rainfall totals. >> thank you. speaking of flooding. in the northeast, flood waters are starting to receive, by the risk of severe flooding may not be over yet. more rain is in the forecast. lindsay davis' has the latest. >> in northern new jersey, or
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rivers are overflowing their banks after a storm dumped more than 3 inches of rain. the rainfall turned this neighborhood into a duck pond. in lincoln park, 20 homes have to be evacuated overnight. this woman and her three dogs were rescued by vote. nearby, a vehicle from the fire department go through 3 feet of water to evacuate residents. >> i have 10 feet of water in my house. everything goes in the garbage. >> those who tried driving got stuck. >> i cannot get past. you are stuck everywhere you go. >> in connecticut, scenes like this -- what you see people out of the water is someone's jeep. >> this is what happens when you have a lot of rain and snow melt. the river crested here overnight. this morning, virtually anything in the parking lot of this
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business is in trouble, including these school buses that are up to their bumpers in water. >> 36 counties are under a flood watch this morning. the majority of connecticut rivers have surpassed flood stage, rising 14 feet. these women watched their mother's car sank as they were driving alongside her but fortunately they were able to get her out. in massachusetts, a mud slide swallowed up these cars, and further north in vermont, went out conditions. -- whiteout conditions. >> we are also watching a setback for rebel forces. muammar qaddafi has taken back a city from the rebels. libyan warplanes launched a new air strikes and today the gaddafi government is denying rumors that they are trying to make a deal in exchange for leaving the country.
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the turmoil is transferring to pain at the pump here. gas prices are at their highest level ever for march. overnight, the national average jumped to $3.52 a gallon. across the country, prices jumped $0.14. there are no gas shortages yet, but the white house says opening up the strategic oil reserve remains an option, but only if there is a major disruption in supply. more bad news for commuters. the d.c. area has the fourth worst traffic congestion in the nation. a new report today from a private firm ranks us angeles, new york, and chicago as the top three ascongested cities. the belt way through montgomery county ranks second and third period was found in the morning and eastbound in the evening.
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you probably already knew that. a warning for drivers near the woodrow wilson bridge. construction teams are shutting down the ramp from telegraph road to the outer loop. this will be in place until saturday. drivers are urged to find another route to avoid the daytime shutdown. and coming up, the machine runs out of steam. the actor reacts to being kicked out of his job. and a violent attack over a parking space? and testing the waters for 2012. gop hopefuls make their case in iowa.
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>> self-described winner charlie sheen is now reacting to losing his job. warner brothers fire in the " tool and have meant" star. the company detailed his high jinks including cocaine binges and trashing his hotel suite last fall. after being fired, cameras showed him on the roof of a beverly hills office building carrying a machete. when he came down, he had a few words. >> free at last, free at last. >> he plans to "sue big." his role on "two and a half then" made him the highest-paid actor on prime-time tv. in new york man is accused of
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punching a woman so hard that left her in a coma. this was all over a parking space. a grand jury indicted oscar fuller on monday on assault charges. he punched a woman in the face in a fight over a parking space they both wanted. the victim is still in critical condition with a head injury. fuller says he did not know how badly she was hurt. his lawyer says that surveillance video will show that he hit the woman in self- defense. some well-known republicans are testing the presidential waters. they spoke at a forum in iowa. >> we have a problem in washington, d.c.. we have some leaders there who believe the enormous moral debt and our country does not matter. it matters. do the right thing. >> that is former godfather
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pizza ceo herman cain. new gingrich, tim pawlenty, rick santorum, and buddy romer also spoke. the iowa caucuses kick off the 2012 primary season and they are already set for next february. it will be here before you know it, ready or not. ready or not for the rain, too. >> get ready. clear out that during into areas that could be clogged because you might need it. a lot of rain wednesday night into thursday. i want to start you off with something kind of neat. this is east looking over the day. and that dot under the naval academy, that is meanness. you can see it rise higher in the sky.
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you see those high, thin clouds. -- that is venus. this is the system we have been tracking for the past couple of days. this should continue to gain strength as it moves east toward our region. high, thin clouds moving overhead now. they will be with us through the rest of the afternoon. area of low pressure. area of high pressure, far from it, but will influence our weather just as much over eastern canada. this will continue to track of to the north and east and slam into this high pressure system. generally, high pressure systems but act as blocking systems, so that will sloping down a little as it moves toward us and the long did and hold the reign over us. with enhanced areas of rain, we
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are expecting moderate to heavy rain showers, especially by day's end on thursday. here is futurecast. it looks like right now there is a chance for some snow along and west of the blue ridge late tomorrow morning around lunchtime. we could see a bit of snow, possibly minor accumulations. then the warm air works and and we will have rain showers for the majority of this event. locally around dinner time tomorrow, expect the first drops to fall and then some heavy rain showers on thursday. flood watch for the majority of the region. 2 inches to 3 inches of rain. this could be a repeat of blast -- of the last system. we could be dealing with some
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problems friday morning. >> a weepy and even more possibly. thank you. new at noon, and the new d.c. president is testifying before the city councel. he is answering questions about an audit that found him spending thousands of taxpayer money on travel expenses. a short time ago, councilmember, a brown told us about his concerns about the audit. >> as the media has reported, there are some serious problems with the management udc's budget, travel expenditures, staff credit-card expenditures, employee bonuses, capital expenditures for new construction. >> we will have much more on today's hearing in a live report at 5:00. this afternoon, congressional leaders will stand up to introduce new legislation, changing the way teenagers receive their driver's license.
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it is called the stand up act which would require states to enact graduated driver license laws. it would extend periods of supervisor driving before full licenses are granted. it restricts late night driving and driving with teenage passengers. programs like this likely reduce the number of automobile crashes among teenagers. an american college student who disappeared more than a week ago in spain has been found dead. madrid police pulled the body of austin bice out of a river. spanish police and the student's family launched a large research effort. the cause of death is not clear but there are no immediate signs of foul play. coming up, from the tragedy, as a cashier barely escapes a wild crash, and it is caught on tape. and are you staring at the
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electric below late into the night? are your gadgets ruining your sleep? later today on "oprah" -- a reve
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>> a gas station attendant is lucky to be alive after this bizarre crash. it was caught on tape. a car barrels into the gas station and sends a wall crashing down right on to the cashier. he quickly climbed out of the debris. the manager was taken to the hospital but was released with just a few bruises and scrapes. police arrested the driver who was apparently in an argument when he crashed.
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seven is on your side now with new research that shows americans seem to be losing sleep over their electronics. the national sleep foundation reports 43% of americans between 13 and 64 years old are not getting enough shot i. 95% admit to using electronics within one hour before going to bed. researchers say the exposure to artificial light stimulates the brain and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. still ahead, adam is back with a fi
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>> the good times are rolling in new orleans. it is mardi gras. today is that tuesday, the main event. one of the biggest parades, the zulu parade kicked off this morning. more than a million people poured into the city every year for the party. it looks fun. we are getting a lot of rain here in the coming hours, perhaps days. >> get ready for a sober. tomorrow evening around dinner time and then thereafter for the day on thursday. we could see, like sunday, about 3 inches of rain in some locations. the ground is already saturated.
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this could cause some flooding issues. >> a
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